Our story begins back in the early 1950's. That's when I remember my late father Gus
always having a movie camera in his hand. He documented everything we ever did. I mean everything. Birthdays, holidays and you name it. If it was something remotely important, my father shot it. He developed his own film, and did all the editing himself. He was an artist, a musician, and a filmmaker. He was a true renaissance man. He was also a wonderful loving father who served our country in W.W.II. He was a deeply proud American.

He shot thousands of movies when we were kids. I still have them. Later in his life, when
he became ill, I wanted to document his life. I thought about using his old footage and his hundreds of Black and white photographs. I was going to interview him and my mother
and his brothers to get his story on tape. Unfortunately, he passed away before I had the chance to document his story for my own kids and future grandkids.
I pledged that I would not let that happen to other loved ones and have embarked on
this new business and passion to make movies about others like my father.

I am a graphic designer, musician, has followed in the footsteps of my late father. I am also a Veteran. I make professional documentaries and TV commercials in my other business.
But, I have always wanted to do this. In the age of My Space and You Tube, I thought this would be the perfect vehicle, to capture these amazing untold stories, of both the young and the old. But I wanted to do it in a professional approach. Not some herky jerky phonecam
video, the likes you see on those previously mentioned websites. I want to make these mini movies a work of art. I've seen too many people take their untold stories to the grave.

Silenced and lost forever.

I know the regret of not being able to hear their stories. However, even if your loved has already passed away, you can still tell their story. And that's the key to this venture. You can tell their story, or at least, help tell their story. We will put it together for you, in a way, that you will think you are actually watching a movie, or a 60 minute type documentary.
And you know what? You will be. People have watched these MLM Movies over and over
again and why wouldn't you? It's a movie about someone you know and love.

A Memory Lane Movie is both affordable and priceless. Look at the rest of this web site to get an idea of what we're all about. Then either email us, or give us a call. Let's get the production rolling today. Don't let another year go by without getting this important treasure
of your personal family history in your library. 603.926.4668

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