Q: What is a Memory Lane Movie?
A: A memory Lane Movie is a short 15 minute documentary style movie that is pressed to a DVD or tape about someone's life. The movie is put together with a musical soundtrack.

Q: Do I have to provide music?
A: No. Simply tell us what style and time period and we will provide the music. Or if you want, we can compose an original piece. There is an additional cost for producing an original soundtrack.

Q: Do I have to provide the photos and other video?
A: If you want old photos or old video you will be required to submit them to us in a digital format or there is an additional charge for scanning and transfers. All other video will be taped by MLM and is included in the package you choose.

Q: Do I have to act or perform if I am to be on camera?
A: No. The atmosphere will be in your home or a surrounding that you feel comfortable. You will only be required to be yourself.

Q: How long can I can expect to see my my MLM after shooting occurs?
A: Typically the editing takes 3-5 days. Depending on when the project was shot, we like to get them back to the client as soon as possible.

Q: Can we order more copies when we are finished?
A: Yes. You can order as many copies as you want *see the order sheet for cost breakdown.

Everyone has old photos, movies, and other material on the person or persons you want to make this mini documovie about. We can help you gather all this information with our check list and forms and other easy suggestions. We would want you to think about who would be present for the interview session. There's absolutely no pressure and the atmosphere will be a relaxed and comforting experience.

After all this is your story. You know it better than anyone.

The bottom line is, you will end up with a DVD that you can show your family and friends forever. Your decison to create this unique tribute is half the battle. The rest of the MLM experience will be both enjoyable and priceless. And once you have the finished piece in your hands, you'll be so happy you did this. And so won't other members of your family..