USMC Silent Drill Platoon June 22, 2011 at WHS in Hampton, NH
Length: 20 minutes

Length: 5 minutes

This is a short 5 minute Highlight Reel for Max V. Fatello of the 2009 WHS Warrior Football Team. This is strictly a Sports Highlight reel and has no interviews
and no music. This is the basic sports package.


This is a short 10 minute trailer for the 2009 WHS Warrior Football Season.
The full feature movie will have highlights from each game, as well as some
practice sessions and other Warrior related activities such as: Team rallies,
team dinners, team interviews and coaches interviews.

It was a great season for High School Football and I think this movie
captures most of the excitement of the team and coaches and fans..

Thanks for watching... and remember...

"The Strength Of The Wolf Is In The Pack!"

Length of Trailer: 10:00minutes

Holly Linseman College MLM
Length: 10 minutes


HPD Recruitment MLM
Length 3 minutes

These are 5 minute samples of a 15 minute MLM movie.
MLM Gabby
MLM Mackey V

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